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Toilet repairs from Adelaide’s experienced plumbers

If your toilet’s leaking or not flushing properly, it’s time to call in the experts and at F J Roberts & Son. Whether there's leaking water, a blockage or a toilet bowl that just won't refill, our plumbers can tackle all these problems and more.

With free quotes offered for all our services and competitive prices guaranteed, our friendly team will have everything up and running again in no time.


Our services include:

  • Onsite inspections to identify the cause of the problem

  • Unblocking toilets

  • Replacing or repairing toilet bowls/cisterns

  • Installing a new toilet suite


Tackling all toilet problems

At F J Roberts & Son, we can work with whatever model of toilet you have, be it a concealed toilet, wall-face toilet, urinals or bidets. We work with residential and commercial customers throughout Adelaide, so if the toilets in your restaurant or business are damaged, we can help.

Although different types of toilets may be installed in different ways, our team has years of experience and the skills and knowledge to handle just about everything. We also work quickly and always take care to tidy up after we’ve finished.

If your toilet is starting to smell, leak or flush abnormally, give us a call and we’ll resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you’re renovating or have just moved house and need a new suite installed, we’re the plumbers for the job!

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on 08 8344 6896 for more information about toilet repairs in Adelaide.
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